What to find in Chiang Rai

Here you can find information about what to find in Chiang Rai when not playing golf

mkcrtour.com chiang rai Map for Chiang Rai
We have updated our MKCR Tour Map for 2018.    Link to MapCR2018.pdf
OubKham Museum in Chiang Rai
There are many artists in Thailand that comes from Chiang Rai. Many of them have come back to Chiang Rai after they have been famous. And they have created White Temple, Black Vfillage (Baan Dam), Doy Ding Dang etc etc.   
What can you do more than play golf in Chiang Rai?  Here are some ideas about what you can find and do here. 
Phu Chee Fah Chiang Rai
Places to see in Chiang Rai and in the province includes everything from Waterfall, Elephant Camps, Hilltribes, Beautiful Gardens, Fantastic Views and more
There are so many different places where you can have food here in Chiang Rai. We want to give you information about some of them. If you click on our Google Map you can find many more restaurants.   
Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai
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